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Creative Craft

Sue McKindley has completed this beautiful knitted patchwork blanket - seen here being enjoyed by her lovely furry friend.

Each knitted patch has a different pattern. Together with  limited palette, an overall soft, warm and inviting blanket has been created.

Thank you Sue for  sharing!

Sonja Muir:


Another UFO completed! A simple necklace: strung with small square and odd shape coloured beads, the three Zuni Tribe (USA) fetishes - bear, coyote, bison - belong to my daughter. They were souvenirs of our living in USA 23 years ago (she rediscovered them when recently decluttering).

Sue McKindley:


Another UFO finished: a beautiful piece of cross stitch. She had put it aside for 18 months or so. It’s only tiny so, for comparison, she placed the twenty cent coin in the corner.

Carol Evans has used her painting talents to turn the door of her shed into a wonderful piece of art.

Gael Thompson has created a machine appliqued and machine quilted table runner titled 'Sturt's Desert Pea' designed by Sonya Else

Gael Thompson has created a machine appliqued , pieced and quilted quilt titled:

Divided Quilt Blooms

It was made in a workshop with Carolyn Murfitt.


Designed, pieced and machine quilted by Shirley Renkin


Designed and hand embroided, on felt by Lois McCrabb

Carol Evans has just painted a Wedgetail Eagle on the bonnet of a friend's Ford F100

Goulburn Valley U3A

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