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Blast Off

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We had 8 of us attend. Some singing was shared initially then we had our prepared meal of Fish and Chips.

Karaoke occurred then where also. we performed some unique moves while singing.

As the theme for Blast Off is to encourage us Seniors to come out of our comfort zone as this is so beneficial for our health, I was able to accomplish this by for the first time in my life I sang in front of others. Managed to be loud as well. You see I do not understand tone and my family would always give those dirty looks when I attempted to sing. I have now resolved this issue.

Out of our comfort zone was accomplished by “dress ups” 

Lorraine Taylor was very stylish in her white fluffy pyjama pants teamed with a jacket and tie, topped her outfit with a hat and of course her Ugg boots.

David Taylor really showed his style. First his fire  helmet which has travel his life with him, completing the picture a cardigan, shirt and scarf that did not match but then topped off with his long stripped leggings mismatched socks. All together very stylish.

Greg Barnes was fit for the races in his collar and tie, jacket and trousers. This outfit takes Greg out of the comfort zone.

Lyn Saville.would you believe actually wore her stylish bathers,a towel on her head to dry her hair and wrap around towel as a lovely stylish stripped towel. Also she performed some special swim moves.

Robyn Mcmaster came ready for a special night out in her full length fur coat, teamed with a purple dress adorned with scarves. To make this outfit special were her mistress matched sneakers. 

Robyn wore every miss matched item she could find in her wardrobe. This included a hat scarf and miss matched earrings. Gold sequence were thrown in as well.

Jeannie decided to stay feeling special in her feminine black dress and dancing shoes. 

Marie Burley presented as normal due to just returning from her trip.

I am very proud of everyone taking on board my theme. It was simply a “fun” night.


Robyn Glasson

June 6

Goulburn Valley U3A

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